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Peanut Butter Smores: Betty’s version

Here’s the easiest recipe ever for delicious goodness.
Get 1 bag Peanut butter cookie (betty crocker please) and follow the directions on the back of that bag..

mix 1 egg, 3 TB oil and 1 TB water in bowl.
Then.. stop following the directions.. and follow mine.

Press the cookie dough into the bottom of an ungreased pan and bake them at 350ยบ for 16 ish minutes…

Then get your 2 cups marshmallows, betty crocker chocolate icing and Golden Grahams (2 cups)
put the marshmallows and golden grahams together..

Melt the icing.. in a pan or in the microwave..
Pull out the cookies, pour on the icing and spread…

Dump the marshmallows and golden grahams on top (sprinkle…)and then put a little drizzle of icing on top of that…

Throw it back in the oven for a little ‘puffage’ of the marshmallows.. and you have yourself a delicious treat, that you didn’t have to go camping for.


I have another way to do these, but I’ll save that for another time.