5 flights of stairs + lots of stuff = HORRIBLE

So, Moving in NY..
haven’t covered this have we.

Candace, Sarah, remember when we drove all the way to NYC to move me out here?
Remember how awesome you were and how many boxes and suitcases we drug up 5 staircases??
Oh how I love you and your strong thighs!

Moving up 5 flights of stairs is well…. nightmarish. Talk about exhaustion. Like the kind where you’ve been abandoned by your crew and you’re hanging from a cliff on Mt. Everest…. kind of exhaustion.

We spent this past weekend moving, wishing we had less stuff and setting up new stuff in the apartment. I walked 5 flights I’d estimate approximately 30 times.
I also carried items of all sizes.
We hired one mover, who helped Aaron carry a section couch, a large TV, an entertainment center & other miscellaneous LARGE items up our stairs.
But it’s over now. I swear I’m never moving again (yeah right)!

Once we get all settled in, I’ll post pics.


Apartment Shopping in NYC

Rules: Never get rushed by a broker. Rush only if you love the place and the market is hot. Otherwise, don’t rush, there are millions of apartments
Try to avoid paying a broker fee. They suck & are expensive.
Secretly be slightly excited about a lousy economy because it lowers rent.

A few weeks ago, my current roommate, my friend, aaron & I began the apartment search. We noticed that prices had been going down all around the city, and so we said we’d take a look. We found a place that is a nice area, closer to work for all & has beautiful views from a patio and roof deck.

We looked at a few places. One was a converted bakery, had great living space, but super small rooms. Also, it was kind of dark and dreary.

Another place had great living space, and decent rooms, but they wanted a 2 mo deposit & 1st month’s rent (which came to like 3K) and we said no, no, we won’t go.

Then we found this place. I initially was annoyed because the broker was trying to rush me, but he softened up after showing it to some other people, and we took the ‘negotiator’ *Aaron* in to get some direct answers and it worked out! We are all excited!

Here are some pictures!

one of the bedrooms:
the patio
the kitchen!!! it’s bigger than 6X8! I’ll have to change my baking blog!\
AND there is a dishwasher! woo hoo!

View from the Roof! Me jumping, cause I’m excited!