Cadbury Mini Eggs

So, yesterday my coworker and I were out for lunch and decided we should go grab some Easter candy. Tis the season you know?

Well, the only Easter candy I care for are Cadbury Mini Eggs. I really don’t care about the other stuff.
Call me what you will, but I don’t like peeps or chocolate bunnies, or those icky filled Cadbury Eggs.

It should be said that I formerly spent a good part of my evening searching around for these things. I went to my local grocery, and 2 different Duane Reades (Both in the 90’s).

Stephanie and I decided that since they were a STAPLE Easter candy, someone must have them.
11:30-11:40- Duane Reade 74th & 3rd, Duane Reade 70th & York
1:40-1:45- Rite Aid- NONE!
1:45-1:50- Walgreens- NONE!
1:50-1:55 CVS-SUCCESS!!!

But really, CVS is the only one who carries these!? Where am I?!??????????