She’s my Cherry Pie and pesto pizza

Hi again.
I’ve been off here for a while. Mainly because I can’t think of anything I want to bake that is.. remotely healthy.
I think summer is pie season. I love pies. I love making pies. I was nicknamed ‘the pie lady’ at both of my former bakery jobs and one of them didn’t even make pies!

Today I made a pie which will be forever named ‘Annie’s my Cherry Pie’.
It’s gluten free/ dairy free crust, with sweet cherries, a little cinnamon (because it goes in everything I make) and a little sugar.
I was feeling funny so instead of a typical top crust I made it shaped out of trees. Funny? Well it is to me.
I will say this isn’t the prettiest pie I have ever made, but give me a break, I’m down a pastry brush and I have never worked with Rice Flour before!

Then I had a little crust mix left over and some random items around the house so I decided to experiment. YOU SHOULD TRY THIS, because it’s actually delicious.
I used this Cilantro Pesto Rub in place of tomato sauce.

Then I put a couple of diced tomato pieces on, and topped it with Muenster cheese.
I made it thin-crust crispy..and it was GOOOD. The only thing I might add to a full size pizza is chicken.
This is just a funny wedding picture I found.
You see, the groom is fake-making out with the maid of honor. HAHA. Don’t worry Sarah, I won’t request this at Aaron & I’s wedding ;). I go between thinking it’s HILARIOUS and kind of weird anyway.


who says New Yorkers aren’t nice?

Today while at the bus stop I frequent there was a blind lady, which there often is… Strange but you see a lot of blind people in NYC. 

What I noticed was many people were trying to help her.. Unsolicited help at that, but she welcomed the help.
There are about 4 different buses that stop at that same stop, so each time one pulled up you could tell she was trying to figure out which one it was. 
Then I thought about it.. The only time I really felt that I was treated ‘rudely’ in NY is when I was in Times Square.. and the offense was from someone who was clearly.. a tourist. 
Back to my omelette now!