It’s been a while, since I’ve seen the way the candles light your face

MUSIC FLASHBACK! haha. Remember that song? Poor guy.

It has been far far too long my friends, since I updated Cass in NYC.

I had a visitor last weekend and it was fab. We went to the NY Aquarium in Brooklyn, which is a must do. We also went to Brighton Beach, and despite the rumors that we would see old, naked, Russian men we survived with an unscathed eye.

Here are some of the pics from the Aquarium. Be careful if you go not to fall in love with the Walrus. Although he can do tricks for seafood, he cannot help you reproduce, nor spread your seed.

Mandi wanted to go to the M&M store, or was it me.. Mandi didn’t even know the M&M store existed until I said, we should go to the M&M store. In my defense she was quite enthusiastic about it. We got some Transformers M&M’s. They do not transform into fat free versions of themselves. In fact they are strawberry flavored with Peanut Butter on the inside.

We also hit a sweet Mexican spot in the Village. Florencia 13. Go there, or spend your time in NYC grumbling about the lack of good Mexican. I wouldn’t call it the best Mexican I’ve ever had, but it was freaking good for what I’m used to here.

Then we went to Beauty Bar, which I quickly added to my list of favorite places in NYC. best DJ ever. They play the most fun music, that you can sing & dance too. I wish that I could have had this guy do my wedding, then maybe I wouldn’t resent all DJ’s worldwide. JK, but really, the music was nothing less than wonderful.
Next week my Mom & Yumi are coming, then I’m out of the city a few weekends. On the docket for future blogs are: Mary Poppins on broadway, White Christmas on Broadway, Black Boots & Bagels.


strawberry cream filled birthday cake.

This is my first time making gumpaste flowers for a cake. quite fun really. Next I’m moving on to Orchids.

Here are pureed strawberries, for the strawberry cream filling

Icing colors: I would have liked the red to be a bit deeper, and the aqua a bit more aqua, less teal.. But life goes on.

I can’t say I’m proud about the shape of this bottom layer. Something’s gotta give with my cake pans. Or, my cake leveling abilities.
Here I added some of the gumpaste daisies.

Basically, you roll out the gumpaste, and use the little cut outs to make the shape and then shape it with thin foam pieces and wooden shaping tools. I could do this all day. It’s a blast.
I really like the color scheme, the ease of the gumpaste daisies. Lopsided-ness aside, It was a nice cake.

the scone has eluded me again

Last night, after days and days of studying the scone in the cafeteria, I tried to replicate it.

The backstory is that the cafeteria at work has a delicious, to-die-for blueberry scone, among a long list of mediocre items. Those cafeteria workers are such wenches, that they won’t give me the name of the bakery they purchase them from.
So, not being a scone know it all, I first just tried a basic scone. Too dry. Not nearly as delicious as the elusive cafeteria scone. It hit me that the texture of this scone was not the same as these dry tasteless things I’d had before. It seemed a bit more cakey, a bit more blueberry muffiney, but dense. So, I compared a blueberry muffin recipe to a cake recipe and a scone recipe and came up with this:
cake mix
6 TB of flour
2 teaspoons of baking powder
3/4 milk
1 egg
1/2 bag of chopped frozen blueberries (thank you food processor)
Upon further analysis, this was the dumbest idea I’ve had in a while. But they didn’t taste too bad. The consistency still isn’t right.
My tasters (Rowena & Steph) have come to the conclusion that the scone I am trying to acheive is more like a biscuit than a muffin, and I do agree.
Blueberry biscuits in the shape of a scone to follow.