Special Volume: Pregnant and Sweaty

If you don’t like reading the grumblings of a pregnant person, probably stop here.
It’s actually just regular grumblings, but with the added edge of pregnancy.
Last March, I started working in the burbs.. which means I drive to work. I also have no gym membership and totally stopped doing any fitness related activity because I’m a slacker. Three things happened as a result of this:
1. My commute went from 20 minutes walking to 1 hour driving (in perfect conditions) one way.
2. I gained about 7 lbs, because I was sitting on my butt (literally) all day.
3. I can’t breath now when I walk up the stairs and
4. My tolerance for public transportation has rapidly decreased.

One thing I suggest is that if you are pregnant and it is the summer, stay away from the subway. If you are 0-3 months, you’re definitely going to vomit.. if you are 4-6 months you’re probably going to hate everyone for coughing, clearing their throat, sneezing, just general public transportation woes. If you are 6 months or up and someone doesn’t give you their seat… well, kick them.

Public transportation is great. I used to love it. I thought it was the answer to all prayers. I must have forgotten about the summer. Having a creature in your stomach makes you just a little more sweaty anyway, and then being covered in a subway -grime-film makes it all the worse.

My suggestion, get a private driver… or stay at home and never leave. 🙂