A while back, I pinned “Party Popcorn” and this weekend I decided to make it.

I also pinned a blueberry mug cake. One turned out better than the other, let’s just put it that way.

I didn’t even look at the recipe below for party popcorn (which could have been my downfall), and I wasn’t even trying to do the birthday cake variety. and I just went ahead and popped some popcorn, threw it on a pan and drizzled white & cocoa chocolate all over it & then sprinkled it with rainbow sprinkles. It was AMAZING until…… dun dun dunnnnnnn.. I bit into a popcorn kernel. Whoops. That does sort of ruin the entire experience. I’ll have to re-do and this time, make sure that I remove the kernels carefully. This was one of those “DUH” moments in my life.

This morning, on the other hand, I made this blueberry mug cake and it was quite delicious with my morning Iced coffee…

Have a LOVELY Day!