You know you’re in love

I’m totally in love in a million ways. I have a bright shining face greeting me every morning. I recently read this Dr. Suess quote and since it’s been stuck in my head. Since word- art seems to be popular right now, I thought I’d make up a little something for my wall. I did… and then I thought I’d make another version and make them available to people for download! I’m by no means a designer but these are just for fun!

I made two versions. The ‘berry’ version is the one I will use, but I thought someone might like the ‘spring’ version. You just need a color printer or a local Kinkos! They print at 8×10.

The PDF for download is linked under each image.
I hope you like them 🙂

You know SPRING


You know berry

Later- Cassandra


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