Spring week #1

As the first week of spring is coming to a close, lets be real. This crap is not spring!

I am choosing to ignore this by refusing to wear a coat and also paying attention to only things that remind me of spring.

First things first, I have started a spring contest. The parameters are as follows: Use Instagram to take a photo (once a week) that ‘says’ spring to you. Tag it with #waitedallwinter and #springweek1 (or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 — all the way to 13). At week 13 I will pick my favorite picture and that person will get a special gift from Homespun because I like that store. Yep, that’s why, because I feel like it!

My Spring Week 1 photo is of P & her friend walking at the playground. It was taken on a 48 degree day, which also happened to be the day before our predicted snowstorm. Spring, you are kind of letting me down here, could you please get your act together?


This week was full of fun for me. I made this fun birthday cake…


For this fun little girl…


I bought some daffodils at Trader Joes.


I got to take some pictures (and snuggle) this super cuuuuuuttttteeeeee adorable, sweet BABY!!!!! It was a lovely experience.


And look at those teeny weeny toes!!!!

DSC_6876 DSC_6861

I went to a bridal shower for a friend, a birthday party with P (She LOVES arcade things!)

DSC_7142 DSC_7117

We had fun times with friends and babies…

IMG_0197 IMG_0136

AND… mom went out with some of our friends for a random post IU basketball celebration.


What I have learned through this week is that I am a very social person! I love to go out and be busy and see people and yakkety yak. I also learned that I might need to keep up on current events so that I have something to talk about other than P$$ and my cats. Hanging out with these friends was a good time & reminded me of the good old Indianapolis days with Aaron. I noticed that I’m much friendlier and feel happier after I socialize. Is ANYONE surprised? I’m such an Extravert. 😉
Last but not least, P & I attended a baby shower for a childhood friend  & snapped these pictures of the mini mama afterward! Can you believe that she is 37 weeks?

DSC_7194 DSC_7203 DSC_7222

Here are some things I didn’t do this week: dishes or laundry. Thanks Aaron 😀

Even though spring isn’t here yet, it’s been a nice week!


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