About My Beautiful Life

My name is Cassandra and I live in New York City  Indianapolis. I’m from Indiana but I‘ve been here lived in NYC 5 years. I must admit my life is pretty awesome, things happen but day to day I have a beautiful life. I have a lovely husband, a lovely daughter, a lovely father, a lovely mother. I have a lovely sister, lovely brother and I actually have 2 lovely mother-in-laws (whoa, who can say that?). I have amazing friends spanning the country. I also have a lovely sister-in-law and brother-in-law and lovely father-in-laws and lovely… well, you get the point. Things are good.

In other news, I like to decorate sweet confections, I love to bake. I play the piano sometimes & write a song here and there. I’m learning photography, I’m learning patience. I work the nightshift from home in the healthcare industry and I try not to leave my house a mess.

Things make me mad occasionally. I might say something about that too.

This site will take over for my former blogs: Baking in a 6X8 Kitchen & Cass in NYC. It will be a place to post about anything, yes anything in My *Mostly* Beautiful Life.


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